Don’t Get A Car Accident Lawyer For A Motorcycle Accident

It would seem logical enough, that a lawyer familiar with car accidents would be a good fit for dealing with motorcycle accidents as well. After all, they’re both personal injury lawyers and deal with vehicles and drivers who have been involved in accidents. Both are entrusted to win compensation for the victim. The fact of the matter is when you hire a car accident lawyer, he may not be prepared for laying down a strong foundation for your case.

Motorcyclists are deemed as bold and incautious by stereotype. Therefore there’s already a disadvantage from the beginning of the case, and that is persuading the jury away from this stereotype. Since most people do not know how to drive motorcycles and they identity with the car-driving victim instead, this task includes educating the jury about this mode of transportation, the risks involved, and the life-altering injuries that are distinct from suffer injuries in a car accident.

Being knowledgeable about motorcycles, their parts, engines, etc. is where a clear distinction is made from car accident lawyers. It is this expertise that brings motorcycle accident lawyers over the top, as they are prepared to tackle many vague assumptions. For example, motorcycles do not have the built-in safety features car drivers take for granted, such as anti-lock brakes. Most people also don’t know just how powerful a motorcycle engine is, or how that equates to it being a more complex ride to drive.

An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer can make understood the quick decision-making process motorcyclist go through on the road, when a car accident lawyer cannot. Especially in the case of a motorcycle accident, some injuries are a result of a quick judgment call to prevent the situation from being fatal. Properly divulging into these motorcycle-riding tactics helps the jury find sentiment and understanding for the victim and his pain and loss.

All this, needless to say, because the insurance company has the upper hand right from the beginning. The stereotype, lack of knowledge about motorcycles or the lifestyle this mode of transportation is like, creates an easy case where the insurance company might have to push very little to get a jury to agree the motorcyclist is at fault. Having a car accident lawyer might only get a small portion of the maximum reward, and not the maximum nor what the victim deserves.

Your lawyer needs to come in prepared to establish a fighting case backed by solid knowledge in all things motorcycle-related, and have a arguing tactic that is better tailored than one for a car accident. Personal injury law is only a general cover, but expect better results from experienced specialized lawyers for your case, and don’t use a car accident lawyer as a general cover.

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Can Your Lawyer Get You Out Of Jail?

There are times when a criminal lawyer may be able to get clients out of jail. It is easier to arrange the release of a client before trial than after a conviction, but there are still cases when it is possible for a Lawyer to get a client out of jail even after a conviction.

When a suspect has been arrested he is frequently held by the police in pretrial detention even though the suspect has not yet been convicted. Release from pretrial detention is the most common way for lawyers to get clients out of jail. If a suspect has been arrested and is waiting for trial, a criminal lawyer may be able to negotiate a release from custody by arranging a bail bond during a preliminary hearing. As of 1984 Federal law (USC, Title 18, Sections 3141-3150) has required that if a suspect is neither a flight risk nor a threat to the community. State laws regarding granting bail tend to be modeled on federal law.

Another way a criminal lawyer can get a client out of jail is to win the case at trial. By convincing a jury (or judge if there is no jury 0 that a client suspect is innocent the criminal lawyer may secure the client’s freedom. While not all crimes are illegible for bail, a verdict of innocent, will result in the prisoner’s if there are no other charges or prior convictions that have not been previously resolved.

In the event that an accused individual is convicted all hope is not lost. Depending on the specific charges against the accused, and the individual’s history, the criminal lawyer may be able to arrange for the client’s release on bond for the duration of an appeal of the conviction.

If you have been convicted and lost the appeal or an appeal is not made the lawyer can choose to research your case looking for new evidence that will prove your innocence, Recently there is a growing trend to revisit old cases and finding DNA evidence that exonerates the convicted client. DNA evidence has even trumped eye witness testimony in some cases.

Besides DNA testing, other new information might be found such as a confession from the actual perpetrator of the crime or evidence that false evidence was presented at the trial or that the prosecution withheld evidence that would prove the innocence of the accused. Sometimes it takes decades for evidence to surface but dedicated attorneys have been known to get a client out of jail even many years after an unjust conviction. In the American system of criminal justice some attorneys never stop fighting for the release of their clients and others are willing to review cases that were tried by other lawyers many years in the past.

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What Can An Injury Attorney Help Me With?

When you are injured in an accident insurance companies want to settle your case for the least amount of money possible. Insurance companies have attorneys that work for them and as an injured victim you should have someone on your side. The insurance company and their attorneys do not care if you have long term medical issue, are unable to work, or any other issues that you face due to your injuries. The attorneys for the insurance company will be quick to offer you a settlement that may sound like a lot of money however early on in your case you will not know how extensive your injuries are. The insurance company has instructed their attorney’ to settle quick or not at all. Once you are evaluated there could be long term injuries you are not aware of. Even if you don’t have any long term injuries the settlements offered by the insurance company’s attorney may not include all of the things you should be compensated for.

By hiring a personal injury lawyer you have the ability to maximize your settlements. A personal injury attorney can help you recover lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering as well as other cost. Hiring a personal injury will protect your right. Without a lawyer the insurance company will take advantage of you. They may even try to tell you that you don’t have a legitimate claim. You need an attorney on your side that knows the law and can get you the money you deserve.

If you are offered a settlement and you decline the settlement offer you will need a personal injury attorney to go to trial for you. You do have the right to represent yourself at trial, but personal injury attorneys are trained to go to work for you and get you the best possible settlement for your case. A personal injury attorney is absolutely vital to your personal injury case. Personal injury cases and the laws surrounding this type of case is complex. Laws governing who is at fault in an accident are very clear and since individuals do not know these laws attorneys will take advantage of you. Attorneys have studied the laws and know which laws will work for you to get the settlement you deserve.

A personal injury attorney will be able to use the law to help your case. He or she will protect your rights as a victim of an accident. An attorney will help you maximize the amount of money your case will settle for and go to trial if you are not offered the settlement you deserve. You should never go into the courtroom alone, a personal injury attorney can represent your best interest.

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Wonder What A Riverside Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Can Get You?

Imagine being at work, doing the job you do on a daily basis when something happens and you become injured. Your first thought is how you’re going to pay your bills if you cannot work for months. Then you wonder if your injury will make you disabled. What happens to your family? You have a car payment; you have a mortgage or rent, not to mention your utilities. The accident isn’t your fault and you aren’t blaming the company either, but you know that during your recovery you will need money.

You decide to see how much a Riverside Worker’s Compensation Lawyer can possibly help you. They may recommend that you resolve your case by a “Stipulation of Findings and Award”. This simply means that after both you and the company you work for agree that you will need continuing medical care and that you would like to keep your ability to continue receiving future medical benefits open.

The monies owed to you are paid out twice a month somewhere between $140.00 and $270.00 a week, dependent on how much you earned while working, when the injury happened and whether or not your disability is permanent or temporary, until the amount agreed upon is paid out. If the injury is an industrial one, then you should receive future medical benefits. Your Riverside Worker’s Compensation Lawyer will help you to receive the benefits you need.

Alternatively, your Riverside Worker’s Compensation Lawyer may suggest that you resolve your case through “Compromise and Release”, which means that you will receive full settlement for your injuries, including present and future medical care. You will receive your monies upfront and in full in one lump sum.

But your Riverside Worker’s Compensation Lawyer will inform you that you will give up your right to any future medical benefits related to your work place injury. You will be receiving a larger sum of money, but at the cost of receiving any further health care benefits. Your Riverside Worker’s Compensation Lawyer will advise you which choice is better dependent on your injuries and your future ability to return to work at a later date or whether you are permanently disabled.

Your Riverside Worker’s Compensation Lawyer will not receive any payment unless you win your case. If you do win your case, your lawyer will be entitled to 9-12% of the amount you are awarded. If you are terminated from your job because of your injury or discriminated by your employer because of your injury, you may be awarded up to $10,000 maximum with an upwards amount of $250,000 plus costs, reinstatement of your job and possibly lost wages. Your Riverside Worker’s Compensation Lawyer will help you decide what course to take and how to proceed and informing you on whether you have a case or not.

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Can Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent Two People?

When two defendants are both charged in the same crime, they may be wondering if there are any criminal defense lawyers out there who are willing to represent both of them during their court proceedings. Two people who have been charged in the same case often feel like having the same criminal defense lawyer will increase their chances of both receiving the same verdict.

However, while it is not against the law for criminal defense lawyers to represent two people, it is not considered a wise way to handle a criminal case. Many criminal defense lawyers will refuse to do so, for a variety of different reasons. There are certain instances where a lawyer may represent more than one person, such as a class action lawsuit, wherein all of the parties involved have suffered in a similar fashion due to a company or institution’s disregard for their well-being.

But, in a criminal case, criminal defense lawyers have to make sure that they are safeguarding their client’s rights at all times, a task made far more difficult when a lawyer is representing two clients at once. The lawyer may be able to defend one client’s rights, while simultaneously violating the other’s. This represents a conflict of interests.

There is a great risk involved for clients who wish to have a criminal lawyer represent themselves and another person. The lawyer has a responsibility to provide the best legal defense to their client, and their ability to do so is severely hampered when they have to take another client’s rights into consideration.

The possibility always exists that the two clients could also turn against one another during the legal proceedings. For example, the two defendants may have committed a crime together, and now one of the parties involved wishes to testify against the co-defendant for a lesser sentence.

This is a worst case scenario for criminal defense lawyers as they essentially have to choose which client will receive a sentence that is less harsh while accepting a punishment that is very bad for their other client. Circumstances such as these place the lawyer in an unenviable position where they are forced to choose between their clients.

Some lawyers may allow multiple clients to be represented by them, but such a situation is far from optimal. A defendant who wants to provide themselves with the best legal representation should not hire a lawyer who is willing to represent more than one person.

While a criminal defense lawyer can represent two people, this legal strategy is not recommended for all of the reasons stated above. There is no telling what may take place once legal proceedings begin and having your lawyer also representing your co-defendant is a risk that no client should take.

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